Books & Booklets

Over the last 10 years I’ve put together three full-length books. The first of these, ‘Pembrokeshire Promise’, seeks to show how this county is beautiful in all seasons, and encourages people to come and explore it in spring and in winter.

The second, ‘Child of the Revolution’, holds both a brief excerpt from Raul’s biography, plus a condensed view across his fields of art and the projects he’s been involved in.

The third book, ‘Travels with my Camera’, came about through one of the people I’m glad to have had in my life. Sirona was dying from pancreatic cancer, and Jenny (another friend) and I accompanied her through to the end. Sirona and I drank champagne and designed an exhibition of fantasy countries I’d not visited that would take place at The Cloisters Gallery in St Davids. We even planned the camera I’d use and the lenses – all of which were way out of my reach financially. After Sirona’s death, I received a letter from her solicitor containing a bequest allowing me to make this dream a reality.

The last four full-scale exhibitions I’ve done are featured in a series of booklets that contain – opposite a selection of images – poems I wrote that seek to expand on why I chose the images and what they mean to me.