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I was born in Southend – a real Essex girl – and now live in Solva, Pembrokeshire. But I spent most of my formative years in West London, where my interest in photography began.

My father was fascinated by photography and had his own ‘darkroom’. At the age of 11 he gave me my first camera, and it was then a short step into developing films and printing images. Admittedly, the darkroom was simply boards over the bath to hold the chemical trays but that took away none of the magic. I’ll always remember the excitement as that first image emerged on a blank sheet of paper and showed me whether I’d captured what I’d imagined.

And although we’re now in the digital age, I’ve never stopped having that feeling of anticipation as images come from the camera into the ‘real’ world.

fine art

A selection of large works, intentional camera movement (ICM), digital art and still-life images.

shadow self

A long-term project, running over several years and partnering with photographer Philip Clarke. Shadow Self explores the psychological aspects of the words we use to describe how we feel.


These images work with the idea of reflections and how they complete our visual experience.


Travelling connects me to other cultures and people, and expands my awareness of beauty. Here’s a small selection of photographs from my travels.


Our links to the world around us and the feeling of connection this brings are more important now than ever before.


My home county for the last 25 years and for me the most beautiful place in the world.


Giclee-printed images on handmade cards – a selection of those available from our Raul Speek Gallery in Solva.

books & booklets

Books on my work and my husband Raul Speek’s work and life, and booklets of images and poetry from my exhibitions.


I’ve been lucky in my life with the people I’ve met and who have helped me along the road and in the places where I’ve lived and travelled. In this section, I share more of that with you.

Get in touch

I’m always pleased to hear from you, so give me a ring or drop me an email if there’s anything you want to know. Many people who visit our gallery – Raul Speek Gallery – at the Old Chapel in Solva, South West Wales, ask questions, not just about my work or Raul’s, but about Pembrokeshire in all the seasons of the year.


Visiting the gallery in Solva, we were captivated by the imaginative images we found there. Raul’s live music set the backdrop and we found ourselves spending nearly an hour looking at Heather’s work. We couldn’t resist the image of a boat crumbling in its last anchorage – ‘Final Resting Place’ holds pride of place in our home and not only lifts us but takes us back to a lovely holiday experience whenever we look at it. Precious memories!

Quote from Pembrokeshire Life


Beautiful holiday cottage in Solva