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Booklets & Poetry

Pembrokeshire Promise features images of my personal journey through Pembrokeshire throughout the seasons. It’s available on this website and through our Raul Speek Gallery in Solva. Like ‘Travels with my Camera’, it’s packed with colour images.

Travels with my Camera is an image book that gathers together five years’ work from journeys through Cuba, Peru and Morocco, and to Venice at carnival time and Provence in lavender season. 120 pages, packed full of colour, sharing my experience of each of these countries, and their people and culture. As well as through this website, it’s available through the post by calling me on 01437 721907.

A Child of the Revolution is Raul’s story of his work and art. It’s s now available at Raul Speek Gallery and through the post. It includes a brief history of Cuba, excerpts from Raul’s biography and frontispiece by international writer, Rosemary Hawley-Jarman. You’ll also find written statements at the front of each section of work (different genres) explaining context and motivation.

Booklets of Images and Poems

There is a series of these available following the four most recent exhibitions. They contain some of the images from each exhibition, and a piece of writing in the form of poetry is placed beside each image. This poetry expresses the thoughts and feelings behind the work. They are A5 in size, and three are in colour, while one is in black and white (‘Shadow Self’ was a monochrome exhibition).

The current titles are: ‘Alchemy’, ‘Memories’, ‘Shadow Self’ and ‘Impressions of Pembrokeshire’. The most recent one, ‘Impressions of Pembrokeshire’, was part of an exhibition in 2018 at the Cloisters Gallery, St Davids Cathedral.

Cost: £5.50 each.

One of the pictures and one of the poems from ‘Shadow Self’


It looks like your own familiar being
time has passed and blurred
the smooth, untested, flexibility
of youth.

The woman dreaming at her dressing table
sees a reflection that she is more familiar with
than the nowadays reality.
Time is, time was.
She stares into the mirror and time shifts.
She is this continuous stream of reflecting time.
Echoes of joy, love, sadness, loss,
of a life well lived full of tenderness
and acts of kindness
often unseen but touching many lives.
Seeking always to make it easier for others
to keep their balance.

There is sadness too both for her and for me
and an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude
for this woman who sits in quiet,
courageous contemplation
facing the closing days of her life
shows me how it can be done with utmost grace
as she has always done
for she is
my Mother.