About me

I first held a camera at the age of 11 and was then taught by my father to print in black and white. I’ll never forget the excitement of that first batch of prints appearing from blank sheets of paper, while we hunched over developing trays in a bathroom darkroom. This began a lifetime fascination with the art.

Back then there was ‘dodging and burning’ to add creativity to the prints, and nowadays photography involves increasingly complicated cameras and sometimes the help of software. I don’t use Photoshop much, because I prefer to set the camera up for the effect I need and use the viewfinder to crop in tight. But I do find the ability to change the shape of the image to square very useful.

I moved to Pembrokeshire in 1995 with my husband, Raul Speek (see his website We’re based in a beautiful stone-built Welsh chapel in the coastal village of Solva. Here, we run Raul Speek Gallery, which houses my work and Raul’s, as well as that of local artists like Ian McDonald. To one side of the gallery we run a café, which is usually open from spring until late autumn, offering hot and cold drinks, tapas meals and a choice of wines and local beers (we have a full licence). In the summer we hold tapas and live music nights once a month – you’ll find more about that on Raul’s site. The gallery also has a shop.

I’m one of the four founders of an initiative to create an e-magazine promoting art in Wales (ARTicle) and its links to the wider world. This is connected to a not-for-profit website:

I’ve had the chance to start writing again, a long time after I took an honours degree in English Literature. It feels great to combine my two main loves again – images and words. You can read copies of some of my articles for this, and for Pembrokeshire Life and the BFP, on this website. There’s a series of booklets too, which follow each of the recent exhibitions and contain poems exploring why the images came into being and what they mean to me.

I was also until recently, following the death of my mother, editor of the Fishguard Arts Society Magazine, and I hope to be more involved in that again.

Access to the internet means we’re all far more aware of issues facing the world and mankind today than we were able to be before. We’re more immediately connected to one another and the world we live in. Through my work, I try to share my own view of the journey we’re on: in landscape, in glimpses of people within this, and in objects that cut through the complexity to offer a simplicity I’ve come to believe we need.

Canon 5D


Cameras: Canon 5D Mk IIl, Canon 40D in digital and Bronica ETRS in film
Lenses: Canon L Series ISM Lenses: 24-105mm, 17-55mm, 70-300mm, 100 to 400mm, Sigma 150 to 600 mm lens
Flash gun: Canon 580EX
Tripod: Manfrotto
Filters: Circular Polariser, Grey grads and Neutral Density Filters.
Computers/Printer: Apple Mac Book Pro, PC laptop for travelling and pc desktop and for printing and processing, Epson SC P800
Programmes: Photoshop CS6, Inhouse, Lightroom,  Canon camera software