Several years ago, my lovely friend Jenny Rees and I accompanied our friend, Sirona Drakon, on her life pathway following her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Sirona and I spent hours planning a real-life expedition to see various countries I’d dreamed of visiting, including buying an expensive camera I could never afford, creating an exhibition, and then putting a book together around the images. We had great fun and it gave us something wonderful to lighten the harshness of the road. After Sirona died, I found she’d left me the money to do the journey, and so I have dedicated this book to her and hope, wherever she is, she can see it.

Here you will find pictures of France, with its lavender fields, festival and market; of Venice, with its amazing carnival; and of Cuba, with its contrasts of Havana and its countryside. You’ll also see images of Morocco, with its deserts, markets, cities and countryside; and of Peru.

I’m happy to sign the book for you, if you wish.