The Shadow Self booklet features images and poetry that illustrate the first section of an ongoing project with co-creator, photographer Philip Clarke. When we first started this process, I knew it wouldn’t necessarily be a rapid one and it’s one that will go forward across the years, changing as it goes. The concept took a selection of words and explored their visual content from the two differing perspectives, with much of Philip’s work featuring landscapes, while mine involved people. We then displayed the images side by side, and visitors to the exhibition wrote screeds of words during their visit, saying what the images evoked for them.

The images featured in this booklet are mine but we’ll be bringing out a combined full-length book, exploring both strands of images, in time for the next exhibition. Philip worked in analogue and I was encouraged by him to work in digital, which I initially found daunting but have now gone on to enjoy. Working that way enabled me to create my favourite image in this work, ‘Reflection’, which featured my mother at 21 and again at 90. It’s shown in the gallery section on this website.