So you have packed the car with everyone and everything in it and you drive off from home looking forward to two weeks away from work and spending time either with those you love (hopefully!) or are intending to find a bit of space for yourself on a trek to somewhere you want to visit.  Why not think about adding another dimension to this break in routine?  Make a visual diary of your time away. If you haven’t got a camera with you it doesn’t matter most of us carry a mobile phone with a pretty good lens these days.  It doesn’t have to be stressful or have a challenging end goal it is just something which just deepens your awareness and response to the place you find yourself in.

Here is a short list of images you could aim for:

  • General Views
  • Where you are staying
  • The Local Shop
  • Local Markets
  • Birds and wildlife
  • Wild flowers
  • Local gardens
  • Boats/fishing nets/lobster pots
  • Weather conditions
  • Take a series of images of one place at different times of day/in different weather
  • Historic monuments
  • Food and drink
  • Local people/costumes (ask if OK)
  • Details of small corners
  • Locks and bolts
  • Pictures from unusual angles
  • Local crafts-persons working (ask first!)
  • Create found still life – make stone circles or shapes on the beach

Just generally have fun.  Maybe keep a notebook by you and jot down where you take the images because I don’t know about you but I always find I think I am going to remember and then quite happily drift onwards and forget the names of villages or houses.  I sometimes write a few thoughts about being there too and what it means to me like a cross between a visual and a written diary.

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