Pembrokeshire 1


Price is per set of four cards.

We’ve lived in Pembrokeshire since 1995, and choosing four images to represent the county I love so much seems impossible. So, I thought I’d put these four in first and then change them as time goes by. Pembrokeshire is often only known for its coastal spaces but inland footpaths and ancient hill villages like Mathry are also part of its soul.



Each set of cards features four different images (one of each shown here). They’re printed on archive paper using photographic inks and then hand-mounted on to watercolour card stock, so are long lasting and often frame-up well to make a series of smaller images. They’re blank inside for your own words and come complete with envelopes.

Delivery in the UK is free (excluding books and calendars), but when ordering from overseas, please email me and I will let you know the cost of postage. Thank you

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